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Travel Facts


Which Type of Traveler are you?

Culture Vultures


New and Exciting Cultural places like Morocco,  Greece, Mongolia, Kenya, Bhutan, Australia, Mexico..Just to name a few.  Enrich your lives with New Cultures. Explore the World!



Moscow, Milan, London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai,Tokyo, Madrid..the list goes on and on. Find Your Favorite place to Spend Time and $$$.

Romantic Antics

Wherever you go...Paris, Rome, Hawaii, Cruises...     AND

Whenever you go...Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Weekend Getaways

Travel is so much more memorable experiencing it with your loved one...

Laughing, Dancing, Holding Hands, Cuddling...

Travel Quote of the Week
“Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness.” – Ray Bradbury
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